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One of the biggest game changers the web offers the common business person is the ability to sell products and services not only from remote locations, but 24 hours a day.

Imagine being a personal business coach in the Florida Keys waking to find a series of three Facetime (or Skype) coaching sessions scheduled by a woman in Juneau, Alaska who booked them while you were sleeping. Perhaps you run a bed and breakfast and you want to setup your own reservation and payment portal to compete against the fees normally taken by AirB&B or VRBO? Perhaps you're a jewelry maker that cant yet afford a storefront but would like to increase sales in your local market that ETSY just never seems to reach. Well, for a nominal investment, you can promote your product or service and receive online payments in no time at all.

Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce are three of the big name shopping carts, in a field of 100's. These big three are fairly robust, designed to accommodate nearly any type of product, manage customer preference and monitor inventory, in addition to calculating complex multi regional shipping rates. There are also more streamlined counterparts strictly designed for certain types of products or service, including integration with point of sale systems or complex CRMs (Client Resource Managers).

Security measures are now more sophisticated and tightly monitored than ever, while known brands like Paypal, Stripe and Square will cover all the responsibility of security that the average small business person could never afford.

With all of these systems available, the simplest of businesses, and most complex (hello Amazon and EBay), can promote, manage, and bill virtually any type of product or service online.

The world is now officially open for business...always!

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